Six O’Clock Swill

Writer/Director: Eve Spence
Producer: Liam Branagan
9 minute short film. 16mm. Financed by NSW FTO Young Filmmakers Fund .

A young boy spends a long afternoon awaiting and anticipating his uncle’s drunken arrival.




A period drama shot on location in Gunning and Dalton in country New South Wales. The ‘Six O’Clock Swill’ was the frenzy that occurred before ‘last drinks’ as a result of early pub closing times in Australia in the 50’s. Told from the perspective of a young boy spending the afternoon anticipating his uncle’s drunken arrival, the film inhabits the claustrophobic child’s world of empathy and powerlessness.




DOP: Kim Batterham

Production Designer: Felicity Abbott

Composer: Tom Rice

Editor: Digby Richards


Donald: Patrick Firkin

Aunt Alice: Annie Byron

Jock: John McNeil







Six O’Clock Swill was sold to ARTE GEIE for TV broadcast in Europe.




BBC British Short Film Festival, London, UK

London Australian Film Festival, London, UK

Cinema Jove, International Film Festival, Valencia, Spain

Brisbane International Film Festival, Brisbane, Australia

Short Film Festival in Drama, Thessaloniki, Greece

Objectif Image, Saint Gely, France

Zinebi – Bilbao International Film Festival, Spain (AA)

WOW National Tour, Australia, October

Festival Internazionale Cinema Della Donne, Turin, Italy

St Kilda Film Festival, Melbourne, Australia

Commonwealth Film Festival, Manchester, UK

Reykjavik Shortfilm Festival, Reykjavik, Iceland

Festival Internazionale del Cortometraggio, Siena, Italy