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Low Budget Feature Film



Set mainly in a coastal shack community, Common Ground is a low budget feature film.


Common Ground received early development funding from Create NSW and the first draft was written by Eve Spence.  Eve is now working on further drafts with Amin Palangi.

Common Ground was selected to participate in Dame Changer's Screen Tank 2019.

Common Ground was selected to participate in the Attagirl Workshops 2020-21

Common Ground received development funding from Screen Australia in 2022-23


Feature Film - Drama.


LONGLINE: Lissa, a rising star of an evangelical church is involved in car accident and pronounced brain dead.  Her devoted husband and their church raise her through a ‘laying on of hands’ and the awakening is claimed as a miracle.  But Lissa didn’t meet God on the other side, so either she wasn’t dead and there was no miracle, or there’s no God.

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2023: A proof of concept short film titled Everyone's Welcome * is being developed for Truesong.

2018: Truesong was selected for the inaugural Dame Changer Screen Tank initiative.

2017: Truesong received development funding from Screen NSW.

2016: Truesong was in the Official Selection for the Rome International Cineast Screenplay Competition and the Oaxaca Film Festival Global Script Challenge. 

2014: Truesong was selected for Binger Writers Lab in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2014: Truesong was an Official Finalist in the New York Screenplay Contest 

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Set in the distinctive world of a modern charismatic church Truesong is a drama that celebrates the courage it takes to question your chosen community. As our young pastor wakes and sees her life from a new perspective, her journey from certainty to doubt creates a compelling narrative that highlights the paradox of religion as a place of both nurture and submission.

By choosing a contemporary and growing religious movement, one of stadium rock, conference centres, malls and suburbs, Truesong challenges mainstream culture and its resistance to critical thinking, asking the question: is faith a luxury we can’t afford?


If you'd like to view a more extensive private pitching page for this film please contact liam[at]